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Information for First-Time Visitors

The immersion into Yogic Life is a wonderful, rare and life-changing experience. If you are new to Sat Manav Yoga Ashram, there are a few important things you should know. Please take a few minutes to read this page all the way through.

Reservations Required
Reservations are required for all visits, including day use.


We keep our retreats small to maximize your experience and preserve the tranquil environment of focused practice that makes Sat Manav Yoga Ashram unique. Our retreat provide for people seeking deep physical, spiritual and emotional growth, more than a “yoga vacation” to socialize and relax.

Modest Clothing
In keeping with classical Yogic intention please wear modest, loose, comfortable clothing. We highly recommend, although do not require, clothing made of natural fibers.

Organic Vegan Fare
All meals are prepared by skilled Yogi chefs. Meals are served at 11:00am and 5:30pm on “Pradakshina,” our dining area that surrounds our Shakti Temple. Fruit and herbal tea are available anytime upon request. Please inform us of any allergies or special dietary needs. All food will be provided and kept in designated areas.

Caffeinated Beverages
We serve mildly caffeinated beverages (i.e. green tea). We are happy to provide hot water if you would like to bring your own black tea (no coffee).

NO Alcohol, Drugs, Intoxicants or Stimulants
Alcohol, ALL recreational drugs, coffee (all highly caffeinated beverages), meat, dairy, eggs, fish, onions and garlic are not permitted.

Pets Are Not Permitted

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate your pets. However, we have 4 dogs, a cat and 2 rescued birds. Please let us know if you have allergies, or if you have a fear of dogs. No animals are allowed in the accommodations areas.

No Cell Phones or Internet
Cell phone signals do not reach us. Internet or phone access available in cases of emergency. Trust us, you will LOVE it!


Please leave any unneeded valuables at home. Very few of the doors at the Ashram have locks, including on our homes. The Ashram is a very safe environment. In our 30 years of operation we have never had an incident of theft or unlawful misconduct.

Please Use Our Driving Directions
Almost all online maps and GPS systems provide incorrect directions. To reach us, please use the driving directions provided here or in your confirmation email.

EMFs (electromagnetic fields) emitted by all electronics are proven to be harmful to the human organism. Because of this and our aim to create the ideal environment for Yoga practice, the only electronics in our guest houses are solar lights. Solar-powered outlets are available by request in our main buildings to charge essential items.

We have 2 guest houses, each with 2 bedrooms (a queen in one room and 2 twins in the other) and a shared commons room and bathroom; and 1 cabin with a queen bed and private bath. Our cabins have solar lighting, indoor composting toilets, hand pumped water, hand pumped shower (hot), wood heat (we will manage your stove), and cooled by opening the windows to the fresh mountain air! We are off-grid and surrounded by mountains and forest. The ideal for a retreat to change your life!


We are secluded, far removed from the bustle of society. Being here and moving between activities involves walking on dirt paths along the stream, communing with the elements, connecting to your natural state... Please be prepared for the season, walking on uneven ground and being outside. If you live further south or at a lower elevation, be ready for cooler temperatures.

We offer group rates and a sliding scale for those whose finances are legitimately an obstacle to joining us. Please email to inquire.